Glass  Water  Fountain

If you’ve ever been in a mall, hotel, restaurant or large office building, you’ve probably seen an indoor glass fountain or waterfall.

These simple and elegant water features are artistic and professional, and you can choose from several floor-standing and wall-mounted designs to get the one that fits your space and budget requirements. You can even personalize your water fall with your company / business logo.

Water Gallery's elegant selection of glass fountains offers high-quality products and designs at a great value, and every one of our glass fountain.

Vashtu lover those who dont like fishes can go for Glass water Fountain.

Glassing Water Aquarium
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Providing personalized design base on clients' ideas and requests. Effect pictures and animations can be provided if requested (additional charges may apply). Accomplish design within 2 to 3 days. 3D animations will take 15 days
The exceptional quality of stainless steel in combination with precision engineering, specialized CNC machines, Laser cutters and some of the world’s most skilled fountain technicians, result in fountain equipment of unique quality. We carefully check the lights, the nozzles, the spray systems, the pumps, the control system and the entire structure. Then we pack it all together and ship it to you. When you open the boxes, apart from the shiny, high-quality equipment.
Even though our products are remarkably easy to install, if installation is asked by the client, our experienced installation & commission teams prepare their luggage and installation gear and fly to the site. They install the entire fountain system, the lights and the control system in the most professional way, keeping always in mind the ease of maintenance and most primarily the safety of the fountain. The supervisors make sure that everything is installed properly, every water stream is fine-tuned, all lights point correctly at the streams and all the little details that matter the most. If it is a dancing fountain the choreographies now run for testing and fine-tuning purposes. Nobody leaves the site until the fountain operates as designed and the client is satisfied. We will arrange the shipment according to your request and make sure the product will be delivered to you safely and efficiently.

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